Below are files available by indicator. The files are provided individually because of the unit of observation varies. See notes in parentheses.

Please cite:

Jeffrey Kucik. 2019. "How do prior rulings affect future disputes?International Studies Quarterly. 63(4): 1122-32. 

Jeffrey Kucik and Krzysztof Pelc. 2016. "Measuring the Costs of Privacy: A Look at the Distributional Effects of Private Bargaining." British Journal of Political Science. 46(4): 861-89. 


     Lists all complainants, respondents, and third parties (by dispute-country, DS1-565).


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     Includes year and month that disputes were initiated and panel/appeal dates, if applicable (by dispute, DS1-565).


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     Reports the final outcome of each case by official WTO status (by dispute, DS1-565).


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     Lists all products named in the dispute (by dispute-product, DS1-565).

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DISPUTED PRODUCTS IMPORTS *PLEASE NOTE: With updates to the products data, the imports data is no longer complete.

     Includes bilateral imports into respondents in disputed products (by dispute-litigants-product-year, DS1-423).


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     Includes a full list of the individual legal claims made in each case (by dispute-claim, DS1-565).


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CREDITS: This data was collected by Jeffrey Kucik and Krzysztof Pelc with research assistance from:

Alex Surmacz

Alexis Work

Matthew Cobb

Lauren Konken

Yanick Touchette

Yilang Feng

Casey McDermott

Eliza Wood

Jesse Shuster-Leibner

Forrest Weaver


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